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The lessons

With classes consisting of just six students there is much more opportunity than in a traditional English language school for personal attention. Students work on all four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing within a personal, relaxed and friendly environment.

Having six students in a group also offers opportunities for group work and other activities not possible with just one-to-one.

There is plenty of interaction in a relaxed and friendly environment. Your experienced teacher ensures you are fully involved in the lessons, helping you to become more confident and fluent.  

Students use a coursebook at a suitable level which forms the syllabus of the classes, with the teacher supplementing lessons with activities and exercises based around the students own experiences and also the local area. In this way lessons are more interesting and fun.

Classes are for 3 hours, 5 days each week of the programe.


‘The lessons were great because we learned new vocabulary and they were very interesting’
Helene, 16, France
‘I would like to thank the host family for the excellent accommodation they provided for our girls; we couldn’t have asked for anything better!’
Camillo, parent, Italy
‘The family were very funny and they also helped me if needed. I've had two wonderful weeks here and I’ve met nice people who I'll never forget. The people who took care of us were also very welcoming and nice’
Armand, 14, Spain
‘My family was really friendly and available. The lessons were fun and interesting’
Ludovica, 14, Italy
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